Alternative Energy

As the depletion of fossil fuels drives our attention toward alternative energy sources to power our daily lives, MERSEN’s laminated busbars can be found in new, but familiar territory.

Whether it is in Solar, Wind Power, or Fuel Cells, the creation of DC energy feeds directly through MERSEN’s low inductance laminated bus bars into power modules (IGBT, SiC or GaN) and capacitor circuit, delivering the safe and efficient power our customers demand.
Laminated BusBars Hybrid Vehicles

Designed with automotive reliability in mind, this two-layer, laminated bus bar joins parallel rows of batteries together in a hybrid vehicle application.

Hybrid Vehicles

Size: 3” x 4” | Voltage: 60VDC | Thickness: .093” | Current: 40A
Solar Power Laminated Bus Bar

Multilayer, laminated bus bar used in a Photovoltaic Inverter application. Diodes, IGBT, SiC or GaN modules and Electrolytic Capacitors are all easily interconnected in one compact power distribution structure.

Solar Power

Size: 16” x 28” | Voltage: 48VDC | Current: 240A | Conductors: .050”
Mass Transit

This rugged two-layer, four conductor laminated bus bar is production built for a Hybrid Transit Inverter application. The perimeter is a laminated, sealed-edge construction, and the design shows the simplicity of combining electrolytic capacitors, resistor networks, and power modules (IGBT, SiC or GaN) into a single, compact bus bar system.

Mass Transit

Size: 10” x 11” | Thickness: .125” | Voltage: 1015VDC | Current: 280A
Industrial Power

This laminated bus bar design demonstrates excellent packaging efficiency. By designing all electrical connection points for the IGBT, SiC or GaN modules, Capacitors, I/O, and monitoring devices in one clean bus bar, overall system reliability is improved and optimal electrical performance is assured.

Industrial Power

Size: 16” x 28” | Thickness: .093” & .25” | Voltage: 480V | Current: 240A

Public Transportation

One of the hallmarks for Alternate Energy applications is packaging components in tight confines. This laminated bus bar packs nine electrolytic capacitors in a tight package in between two rows of power modules (IGBT, SiC or GaN). This arrangement is a natural fit for laminated bus bar technology.

Public Transportation

Size: 4” x 8” x 24” | Conductors: .040” each | Voltage: 400 VDC | Current: 350A

Alternative Fuel Systems

Fuel cells and hybrid electric vehicles require rugged, reliable power distribution. Heavy duty construction with epoxy powder coating as a dielectric allows this laminated busbar design to perform to specifications in harsh environments.

Alternative Fuel Systems

Size: 6” x 14” | Conductors: .125” | Voltage: 600 VDC | Current: 150A

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