Capabilities Laminated Bus Bar

Superior Quality From Design Through Manufacture

From the first design consultation through dock to stock shipments, MERSEN provides customers with innovative power distribution solutions. You’re always assured that we’ve omitted nothing in our quest for customer satisfaction. Let us offer you the same peace of mind that thousands of other customers have enjoyed for more than 60 years. Here are just a few reasons:

State of the Art Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication capability is a key component to producing quality product. Our state of the art metal fabrication is maintained in-house and includes CNC fabricators, photochemical machining, production punch presses ranging up to 200 tons, CNC press brakes, and various edge conditioning processes. We also offer a wide range of metal joining processes, including ultrasonic welding, induction brazing, torch brazing, and soldering.

Plating Finishes

Our complete, in-house plating department can produce almost any finish to meet your needs. Our finishing includes tin, tin-lead, nickel, copper, silver and gold. Plating under tight, laboratory-controlled conditions, we monitor and control plating thickness to required specifications. Careful data monitoring, in-process controls, and x-ray testing combine to ensure a quality finish.

Precision Manufacturing of Dielectric Components

Precision manufacturing of dielectric components is crucial in laminated bus bar production. To ensure quality, we maintain calibrated humidity and temperature-controlled conditions to store our insulation. Precision steel rule dies are used for cutting the insulation, ensuring uniformity of size to produce quality bus bars.

Properly Selected Insulation

Properly selected insulation is the key factor to a bus bar’s electrical integrity. We utilize a wide variety of dielectric materials, including Nomex, Tedlar, Mylar, Kapton, Epoxy-Glass, GPO, Gatex and Phenolics readily available to virtually meet any specifications. In addition to traditional sheet lamination systems, we maintain our own electrostatic powder coating department that produces a quality epoxy finish with high dielectric protection for bus bars with geometric forms, or those used in harsh environments.

Assembly and Lamination

The assembly and lamination of bus bars are controlled using sophisticated laminating systems specifically designed and manufactured for each bus bar. Hardware and interconnection devices can be added before or after the laminating and plating process.

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