Integrated Architecture

Integrated Architecture for Power Electronics

Mersen has gathered together the latest technical innovations illustrating the Integrated Architecture approach that can be offered to our inverter manufacturer clients.

Mersen’s integrated architecture approach helps inverter designers save time by optimizing the selection of key components, benefiting from a solution that is pre-designed for their specific application. Busbar, fuses, cooling, gate-drivers, capacitors, and connectors can now be optimally designed together, in one step to meet electrical, mechanical and thermal challenges of the system.


Mersen’s power electronic bundling solution helps maximize system performance, lower total costs, and reduce time to market. Our integrated architecture comprises:

  • Laminated Bus Bar:

    As a superior alternative to wiring option, laminated insulated bus bar provides electrical and mechanical connection between various components. Laminated bus bar limits parasitic inductance and reduces assembly time, leading to an improvement of the overall power converter reliability, performance, and efficiency while minimizing assembly costs

  • Cooling Systems:

    Mersen integrates its extensive cooling expertise and patented heatsink technology into semiconductor applications to make them more efficient, reliable, and profitable

  • Fast-acting Fuses:

    Mersen Semiconductor protection fuses are used to protect against over-current conditions in power electronic equipment.

Mersen’s dedicated power electronics team is available to customize a solution for you. Make Mersen your power electronics protection partner, and you’ll discover a powerful ally that can help you protect your people and equipment. Click here for more information.

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