Alternative Energy Power DistributionAlternative Energy Whether it is in Solar, Wind Power, or Fuel Cells, quality-engineered laminated bus bars deliver the safe and efficient power our customers demand. We use state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques that minimize weight and maximize simplicity.

Computers Bus barsComputers The low-profile of a laminated bus bar provides computer equipment manufacturers with the ultimate package efficiency, ease of service, and consistent quality necessary to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Power Electronics BusbarsPower Electronics The higher switching speed of today’s IGBT, SiC and newer GaN power modules demands a low inductance power path, which is uniquely delivered by the MERSEN laminated bus bar. MERSEN’s innovative Power Electronic designs provide the ultimate in low inductance DC power.

Telecom Power DistributionTelecommunications MERSEN laminated bus bars offer telecommunications equipment manufacturers many advantages, including consistent quality, minimal EMI, RFI and crosstalk, superior thermal management, reduced weight, packaging efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness over alternative means of power distribution.

Military Power DistributionMilitary MERSEN laminated bus bars offer a variety of advantages for military use. Superior electrical characteristics help military systems achieve maximum electrical performance and efficiency. MERSEN’s laminated bus bars simplify field service, too, which makes it easier to keep mission critical equipment up and running.

Transportation Bus barsTransportation The electrical performance of an MERSEN- engineered laminated bus bar is a key component of success throughout the transportation industry. Mersen laminated bus bars help transportation equipment manufacturers achieve their reliability goals, thus lowering warranty costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Industrial Bus barsIndustrial The industrial environment demands a consistent supply of quality products delivered right to the production floor. MERSEN’s laminated bus bar designs provide application specific characteristics, achieving an unmatched, consistent level of performance.

Silicon Carbide ApplicationsSilicon Carbide Applications MERSEN is your solution partner for Silicon Carbide (SiC) applications. The next generation of Power Conversion Systems Enabled by SiC Power Devices is now a reality.

Value Add Services MERSEN’s Value Added bus bar designs incorporate a wide variety of components, built right in. Each one is safety tested, certified and designed to help simplify your life at the system assembly level.

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