What Is a Laminated Bus bar?

A laminated bus bar is an engineered component consisting of layers of fabricated copper separated by thin dielectric materials, laminated into a unified structure. Sizes and applications range from surface-mounted bus bars the size of a fingertip to multilayer bus bars that exceed 20 feet in length. Laminated bus bar solutions are routinely used for low volumes up through tens of thousands per week.

Unique Features in Mechanical Design

The physical structure of bus bars offers unique features in mechanical design. For example, complete power distribution subsystems can also act as structural members of a total system. The proper design of bus bars depends on an application’s mechanical and electrical requirements. This section includes basic formulas and data to aid design engineers in specifying bus bars for power distribution systems. Once an outline of a bus bar has been established, specific design and manufacturing considerations will affect the cost.

Engineering ToolboxWe’ve provided basic design criteria to help you specify bus bars for your application. The information required to specify a bus bar includes: conductor material, number of conductors (including ground), dimensions (length, width and thickness), interconnection schemes, mounting configuration (if required), type of finish and choice of insulation material.

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